The Best Crypto Trading Platform - Which Exchange?

Finding the best crypto trading platform can seem a bit daunting to those first entering the crypto-currency market. With all the bad press that surrounds Bitcoin and the other alternative digital currencies, you can be forgiven for not trusting the advice you might find on the internet about the best exchanges. One of the reasons we built this cryptocurrency website is so that we can point people in the right direction when it comes to securely buying crypto-coins and trading them online. Click here for a list of all cryptocurrency. Here are a few pointers for those looking for the crypto trading platform before you start buying and selling.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2017

We took the time in 2017 to try out some of the top exchanges on the web, and test their trading platforms entirely. To cut a long story short, we found that Binance was by far the best platform by a country mile. Most people would agree with us which is why Binance has become a monster over the past year. Accessible to anyone worldwide, they offer some of the best trading fees on the market along with a reliable fast trading platform. Most coins that are on the crypto market are tradable on Binance who regularly add new coins/pairs to their roster. Another great thing with Binance is the amount of BTC (Btcoin) you can withdraw from the platform. Once fully verified you can withdraw up to 100 BTC per month which is quite a bit more than any other platforms out there.

Another alternative for trading safe is the trusted and popular coinbase exchange . The only drawbacks are that they only allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The fees are also slightly high, around 3% for purchases on a debit or credit card. You are also heavily limited to the amount of cryptocurrency you can by per week.

Security - Have they been hacked?

One of the major issues for some cryptocurrency trading platforms is there vulnerability to fall victim to professional hackers. Unfortunately in the past traders have woken up to the awful news that the platform they use has been hacked and as a result all their assets are missing. Given the nature of blockchain technology, once coins have been stolen from an exchange, it is almost impossible to get them back. If the platform you are interested in has at somepoint in the past been hacked, it would be best to avoid using them regardless of any updates they may have made to their security. A lack of security means a lack of responsibilty and security protocol.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

You’ll notice that the price of crypto coins varies quite a bit between exchanges. The price of Bitcoin and other alternative coins can be dramatically more or less depending on what exchange you go to. Do not make the mistake of heading straight for the exchange with the highest exchange rate for a coin that you wish to trade. First make sure you check what other users are saying about the trading platform, as well as the kind of fees you can expect to pay.

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