Exchange Union [XUC]

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How to buy Exchange Union [XUC] with debit or credit card instantly

Step 1:

First buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum with your debit card from one of the popular exchanges below.

Step 2:

Find a Exchange Union wallet online that you can use to receive and store your Exchange Union crypto coins. You can also search online for a reliable cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance that trades Exchange Union [XUC] and has a secure online Exchange Union wallet associated with your user account.

Step 3:

Use the popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchange Binance below to trade your Bitcoin or Ethereum for Exchange Union [XUC].

Select Funds->Deposits on the Binance platform and enter either Bitcoin or Ethereum in the search box depending on what you just purchased.

You will now see your deposit wallet address for receiving the cryptocurrency into the Binance exchange platform.

You can send your Bitcoin or Ethereum straight from where you purchased them by clicking Send or Withdraw and then entering the Binance deposit address you just generated.

Once your cryptocurrency has been deposited you can then trade it for Exchange Union [XUC] on the Binance exchange platform.

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